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Advice & Grants

There are a lot of grants and accompanying advice available out there – but we just don’t know about them!

Here’s a growing list…


The Bristol-based Centre for Sustainable Energy has pages full of very practical advice:

Energy Advice – Centre for Sustainable Energy

Here are a few of their pages:


“East Devon businesses get help to reduce carbon and save money”

The Carbon Action Programme (CAP) is a free package of support for businesses and community organisations looking to increase profit while reducing their carbon footprint. Free one to one support will help organisations understand and measure carbon emissions. Specialists will then provide a tailored carbon action plan to identify straightforward actions to cut energy use, reduce waste and transition to a low carbon future.

Here’s a list compiled by the District Council’s climate officer for CAPS:

They are all very worth looking at!

In particular…

Here’s a message from CAPS lead Dave Bramley:

“I have personally contacted Energy Saving Devon they appear to offer an excellent resource. The helpline is aimed at people with and without knowledge of the technical issues involved. In contacting their helpline, you are be guided through a roadmap of potential opportunities with your property. If you are of low income, this will help you to understand what grant opportunities are available. Clearly if you are a higher income, then the householder is likely to have to self fund.

“The road map includes a technical assessment of the property and a hierarchy of activity from improving fabric, supply side interventions, e.g. air pump and beyond.”

And more here: Free home energy-saving grants now available! – Sustainable Sidmouth Champion Awards