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What actions to take

What practical things can we do to bring down our energy consumption?

Future Energy Tool

From the University of Exeter’s Green Futures Network:

If you switch from a gas boiler to a heat pump, or from a petrol car to electric, how much carbon will you save, and what will it cost?  The Future Energy Tool can help set ambitions and propose collective and individual household action for a net zero future.

How to save money and the planet

The main thrust of last year’s Sustainable Sidmouth Champions Awards was all about ‘how to save a little money and how to save the planet a little’: Sustainable Sidmouth Champion Awards

The Metro newspaper does regular pieces on ‘how to save money and the planet’, with this from a couple of years ago: 27 ways to save the planet: from short showers to longer lasting tech | Metro News

Dave Bramley, chair of CAPS has adapted the lists from Metro: “Going about your daily life shouldn’t cost the earth but going green needn’t cost a fortune either. In fact, there are lots of ways taking the environmentally friendly option could actually save you money, you know, while you save up for an electric car or a few solar panels for the roof or whatever. To get you started, here are 16 easy ways to save money and the planet…

16 really easy ways to save money and the planet