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Debunking the myths around renewable energy

There have been several efforts made to ‘debunk the myths’ about renewables.

And each offers a slightly different ‘number one’:

Myth 1: “Renewables Are Too Expensive”

Busting the myths on Renewable Energy | wwfint

Debunking 10 Energy Transition Myths | LinkedIn

Myth No. 1: A grid that increasingly relies on renewable energy is an unreliable grid.

Three Myths About Renewable Energy and the Grid, Debunked – Yale E360

Myth 1: intermittency makes renewable energy unreliable

Debunking common myths about the renewable energy industry | World Economic Forum

Myth 1: “Solar farms would take up large tracts of land needed for crop production”

The Reality of Solar Power: Debunking 6 Common Solar Farm Myths – Array Technologies

This week, Friends of the Earth doesn’t simply present a list, but offers a conversation:

Is renewable energy reliable? Can renewable energy replace fossil fuels?

There’s a lot of questions and disinformation about renewable energy. Friends of the Earth’s renewable energy campaigner Tony Bosworth debunks the myths and answers some of the most popular questions about renewable energy...

Unleashing the power of renewable energy: debunking myths and revealing top facts | Friends of the Earth