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There’s a load of information out there to help us through ‘what’s it all about’ and ‘what to do’ to help reduce our carbon footprint – as well as to make life a little easier for ourselves.

Here are some of those places to go.

Are the public ready for net zero?

A very useful handbook from Climate Outreach on how to build a ‘positive public discourse’:

How is the concept of net zero – and the ambition contained within it – understood and engaged with, beyond the environmental movement? Are the public, and especially the centre-right, ready for net zero?

Our findings are based on a review of the language currently being used in connection with net zero by campaigners, journalists and policy actors, as well as two narrative workshops we ran with members of the public who hold centre-right political values.

Download the report: Are the public ready for net zero?

The climate crisis explained in 10 charts

From the seemingly inexorable increase in atmospheric CO2… to the rapid growth in green energy, the Guardian explores the data. Here’s but one graph:

The upside (I): wind and solar energy is soaring

Huge drops in cost have helped renewable energy become the cheapest electricity in most places and the exponential growth is expected to continue. But action and support is still required to reach the scale needed, especially in developing countries.


The climate crisis explained in 10 charts | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Net Zero: a glossary of terms

Nerdy maybe, but still, a basic bit of info to reference:

CO2, CH4, GWP, N2O, CO2e? It’s not all about carbon – and the most important emission from agriculture isn’t carbon dioxide. See below our glossary of terms regarding carbon and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

Net Zero: a glossary of terms | AHDB

Local policies and guidance on climate change:

The different levels of local government are getting serious about the climate crisis – mapping out the sort of things they and we can do. Here are the starting points for what each is offering:

From the Town Council: You searched for climate change – Sidmouth Town Council

From the District Council: Climate change – East Devon

From the County Council: Home – Energy and Climate Change

Guidance on reducing our carbon footprint:

From Sustainable Sidmouth: The Champions Awards 2023 are about inspiring us to save some money, in our families and communities – and to help ‘save the planet’ in whatever small, local ways we canWhat-each-of-us-can-do-to-SAVE-MONEY-SAVE-THE-PLANET.pdf

From Exmouth and beyond: Our Place Our Planet is a resource to help you take small steps to tackle the climate emergency. It gives local and national links to help you put these steps into action.  Our Place Our Planet

From Transition Exmouth’s good friend Sarah Allen: Save money, lower your carbon footprint, consume less and be happier!

From Greenpeace: If you are looking for ordinary ways to make an extraordinary difference to the world, you’ve come to the right place. In just a few clicks, you’ll get access to 101 ideas to make your choices count. From simple swaps to high-impact changes, there’s something for everyone. Greenpeace Guide to Life

Maps on emissions:

Believe it or not, Sidmouth has a couple of hot spots where the air pollution, including CO2, is quite high:  “Significant air pollution” in Sidmouth – update – Vision Group for Sidmouth

You can get “a free Air Quality report for your address” here:

There are some excellent maps available – with an interactive map of greenhouse gas emissions: Local Authority GHG Map

And a general emission map where you can chose the pollutant: UK Emissions Interactive Map