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Privacy and cookies

CAPS policy is not to set any cookies ourselves. Any temporary cookies will only be set by the Jetpack plugin used on this site, please see their privacy statement.

Use of your data

  1. If you choose to contact us by email your email address will be retained in order for us to reply to you.
  2. Any information you give to 3rd party sites is governed by their policies and you are recommended to read them.
CAPS choice of guidance and calculators

Recommendation of 3rd party sites by CAPS is based on information available at the time of recommendation and government policy. We will do our best to make sure all such information is accurate and current but can not guarantee it, you are recommended not to make decisions based solely on the information from this site.

Disclaimer : The Vision Group for Sidmouth is responsible only for the design and functioning of the CAPS website, and for limited text content. It’s liability is limited to these aspects.
It is not responsible for any guidance given, nor links to external calculators and similar means of determining individual or corporate carbon footprints.