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How to engage youngsters

How can we get children engaged in the issues?

Resources for children:

Here’s some really fun stuff to get messy with:

How to make beeswax wraps –

How to make a seed bomb | The Wildlife Trusts

Recycle Devon has got a lot of very useful materials:

Resources for Teachers & Parents – Zone ( 

What about young people actually showing older people how to reimagine the future?

What about a “what if “ style imagination event to lead a discussion with children.

What If | Rob Hopkins | TEDxBologna – YouTube

And there are lots of ideas for quizzes.

[Did you know there is 35,000 litres of water required to make a 1/4lb beef burger]

How can we help kids cope with ‘eco-anxiety’? – BBC Future

Finally, there is always art:

And lots of paint…

(20) Jo Earlam on Twitter: “Great morning being part of family activities @sidmouthfolk with @mcsuk resources about marine plastic pollution and children doing footprint painting as I read my environmental story Rosa’s Footprint. @sidmouthherald @SidmouthNubNews” / Twitter