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Beyond the news and information, beyond events and meetings – here’s a page to whet your appetite.

The Centre for Sustainable Energy has an ongoing report (it publishes every day) on Sidmouth’s carbon footprint:

Carbon Footprint Report: Sidmouth Civil parish – 02/03/2024

Welcome to your carbon footprint report!

This report tells you about your community’s carbon1 footprint – both the scale of emissions and the main activities responsible for the emissions. This information comes from Impact – an online community carbon footprint calculator:

The tool was developed by the Centre for Sustainable Energy and the University of Exeter, initially to make carbon footprinting at parish level possible. Since its inception a number of improvements have been made, including the ability to look at different-sized geographical areas.

Your report shows both ‘consumption based’ and ‘territorial’ emissions, and also shows how your footprint compares with the district average and the national average.

Impact Report – Sidmouth

Here’s an illustration of “the annual carbon emissions (measured in tonnes CO2e2) emitted as a result of the different activities that residents within your parish’s boundary engage in – from heating to eating.”

Crucially, the report looks at not only where the impacts are being made – but how we can work on reducing them – that is ‘Change Targets’ – whether on transport or food.

Have a look through the report: pretty impressive and pretty useful!