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CAPS looking forward!

It’s now well over a year since the Climate Awareness Partnership Sidmouth (or CAPS) was set up in the Sid Valley – to encourage debate about how the climate is changing in our midst.

By now, most people are indeed aware that the climate is changing.

So, why does Sidmouth need such a group?

As its lead Dave Bramley says, “We set up CAPS initially to encourage local people to understand their carbon footprint, which is great way to get to know our own individual impact on the environment. 

“We also received some excellent feedback from our survey last year and that has encouraged us in turn to keep up the debate and engagment on the issues.”

Over the last year, CAPS has worked with its partners, including the Churches, to hold the ‘Good for Change’ event last March, for example.

And in October, CAPS launched its monthly newsletter, working closely with its lead partner the Town Council.

As Dave says, “If anyone would like to get on to our mailing list, just contact us through our website or Facebook page.”

What Dave and CAPS colleagues are particularly keen on is to spread the ‘good news’ that is happening locally and further afield on the climate – and much of this is shared in the regular blog pieces on the CAPS website.

There should be more such positive stories coming out in the coming year – despite the prediction that we’ll have the hottest year on record for 2024.

But this is where Dave and the CAPS partners feel residents, businesses, groups and individuals in the Sid Valley might be galvanised into doing even more.

“We can build on the solid platform of awareness of the changing climate to start building practical projects to address the changing climate locally,” says Dave.

“We understand that people want to see real progress on the ground – and so we’re hoping to look at energy generation, food production and other possible actions we can take forward here in the Sid Valley.”

And that’s where local people can get involved.

“Anyone can be a partner of CAPS. You don’t have to be an organisation or such like. If you have any ideas, energy or experience, please do get in touch

“We really want to make 2024 the year of us pushing not only a better awareness of the climate, but action on climate – here in the Sid Valley.”