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Carbon and plastic

Issues are often interconnected, as this piece from the Conversation shows:

Plastic pollution and climate change are two prominent environmental issues of our time. Plastic was once thought to be a miracle invention that made life simpler for families. But just as our exploitation of fossil fuels led to climate change, the unsustainable use of plastic materials has led to a global environmental catastrophe. To this day, plastic pollution has infiltrated every part of our planet, from remote mountain lakes to the ocean to the very air we breathe. The unsustainable consumption of nonrenewable resources is the common root of both these problems, and beneath the surface, there are many links between these two issues...

Plastic is part of the carbon cycle and needs to be included in climate calculations

With a hard-hitting piece from the Client Earth action group:

Climate change and plastics have grown into rhyming environmental travesties. They exist in an interconnected parallel. They share a common carbon origin and they contribute to each other. The industry that generates both delays the cure through distraction, blame and false promise...

Plastics: A carbon copy of the climate crisis | ClientEarth

With a good overview from National Public Radio:

Largely overlooked is how making plastic in the first place affects the environment, especially global warming. Plastic actually has a big carbon footprint, but so do many of the alternatives to plastic. And that’s what makes replacing plastic a problem without a clear solution...

Plastic Has A Big Carbon Footprint — But That Isn’t The Whole Story : NPR

And here is the Sid Valley, we have a pioneering green group which is concerned with both issues:

Sidmouth Plastic Warriors – Doing everything in our power to get Sidmouth single-use-plastic-free

And their social media pages are full of news and debate:

(18) Sidmouth Plastic Warriors | Facebook

Finally, an interesting graphic and some helpful tips from the Plaine Products blog:

How Our Plastic and Carbon Footprints Are Intertwined – Plaine Products