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Carbon and trees

Trees are pretty important – and perhaps more important than we thought, especially the big ones:


UK forests lock away twice as much planet-warming carbon as previously thought, a new study reveals. The study using lasers and 3D scanning showed that old trees in particular were critical to fighting climate change.”

Prof Disney says this research has serious implications for our understanding of the benefits of protecting trees, in terms of climate change. And the complex structure of mature trees in particular means they play a role that is very difficult to replace by simply planting more trees. “The value you have in large mature trees is almost incalculable, and so you should avoid losing that at any cost – regardless of how many trees you think about planting.”

UK’s old trees critical to climate change fight – BBC News

Trees are pretty important in the Sid Valley – which hosts the UK’s first civic arboretum –  Sidmouth Arboretum – Caring for the trees of the Sid Valley

With active and varied social media showing what’s up: (20+) Sidmouth Arboretum | Facebook

Last month the annual celebration of trees event returned – and the importance of trees and carbon was a key element of the evening: Sidmouth Arboretum Annual Celebration of Trees – Sidmouth Town Council