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“Change for Good”: Sidmouth churches take the lead

The churches are very much involved in the issue of climate change – as the magnificent exhibition at Exeter Cathedral last month demonstrated – and which was reviewed on these pages in an excellent piece by local writer and journalist Jo Earlam: Gazing at Gaia – Climate Awareness Partnership Sidmouth

There was a magnificent turn-out for the Sidmouth churches latest contribution to looking at the issues – as reported on the CAPS social media pages earlier this week: Climate Awareness Partnership Sidmouth (CAPS) | Here’s a note from the organisers of yesterday’s ‘Change for Good’ event: | Facebook

And as reported today on the Herald’s website by their chief reporter Philippa Davies:

Change for Good on Friday, March 3 was organised by local churches, with Sidmouth Parish Church taking the lead for this event and All Saints Church hosting it. It featured presentations by the town council’s chairman Cllr Chris Lockyear and the MP for East Devon, Simon Jupp. Brian Golding, chair of Sidmouth Parish Church’s sustainability group, opened the event, summarising the plan for achieving net zero in Devon and emphasising that this would need both technological solutions and behaviour change, across the county and in every aspect of life.

photo: Prof Brian Golding

Brian Golding said: “This event was the fourth in a series dating back to ‘Our Fragile Earth’ in 2019, when four town centre churches hosted nationally eminent speakers on a variety of topics related to faith and the environment. We are delighted, now, to be increasingly working in partnership with other organisations that are working in this space, several of whom were represented at last Friday’s event, including the Vision Group for Sidmouth, the Repair Café, the Sid Valley Biodiversity Group and the Climate Awareness Partnership Sidmouth (CAPS).”

Sidmouth hosts event on actions to combat climate change | Sidmouth Herald