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Climate change @ Sidmouth Science Festival

There are several engaging events at this year’s Sidmouth Sci Fest looking at some aspect of the climate or other – including:

FULLY BOOKED: Visit to Energy from Waste Plant, including a talk on history of waste | Sidmouth Science Festival

Cafe Scientifique: Floating Offshore Wind Farms | Sidmouth Science Festival

Severe thunderstorm warnings: with reference to the May 9th Otter Valley Flood | Sidmouth Science Festival

Tomorrow is Environment Day:

Environment Day at the Parish Church, including talk about Climate and Food, CAPS, other information and other topics.

The schedule for the day is:

14.00:  Peter Falloon – talk on Climate and Food

15.00:  Ruth Hancock – panel discussion on food production

16.00:  Carbon footprinting – CAPS

Environment Day – focus on food | Sidmouth Science Festival

With more here:

Dr Peter Falloon will discuss what climate change means for the UK agri-food system, from farm to fork, and both in terms of adapting to a changing climate and contributing to net zero. He will draw on the UK Climate Projections, the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), recently published Third Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA3) and other sources.

What does climate change mean for the UK food system – with Peter Falloon | Sidmouth Science Festival

Agroecology focusses on producing good nutrition for people, whilst enhancing biodiversity, and reducing and in some cases negating carbon emissions. In this talk Ruth will look at the practical and political implications of the food production and farming methodologies that we need to transition towards, to feed us well into the future. 

Agroecology – How food production can be part of the Solution, with Ruth Hancock | Sidmouth Science Festival

This talk, and the follow up activity, uses one of the many tools available to allow you to estimate your carbon footprint broken down into 6 categories: Transport, Home Energy, Food, Air Travel, Goods and Services, and Infrastructure. Five different lifestyles will be considered in the exercise that will allow you to estimate your own footprint through conversation with our coaches.

Carbon footprinting – estimate yours! | Sidmouth Science Festival