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Decarbonising the council’s recycling fleet

It’s not just individuals and households who can try and reduce their carbon footprint.

The District Council has been sharing its latest investments on social media:

electric powered bin lorry

As part of our ‘Driving towards Net Zero’ project, we recently trialled an electric powered bin lorry on some of our rounds. This is an important part of our progress to decarbonise our recycling and waste fleet. The trial enabled us to test the range and capability of a large low emission vehicle in East Devon. Testing like this in real world situations, will help us learn lessons to select the low carbon fleet for the future. (12) Facebook

all-electric forklift

This week, our depot team are trialing an all-electric forklift, as part of our plan to reduce the carbon emissions from our depot operations. Our trial plant has been provided by Linde. If the trial proves that the electric plant can handle the heavy workload and environment involved in a recycling depot, we will be looking to replace our ageing fossil fuel powered forklifts in 2023. (12) Facebook

all-electric recycling vehicle

As part of our on-going research for the decarbonisation of our recycling operations, the team are currently trialling an all-electric recycling vehicle. The vehicle has been supplied by Terberg and you may spot it quietly ‘gliding’ around our collection rounds as it is put through its paces! The trial of this developing large vehicle technology, which is in its infancy, will help us decide on the low emission fleet of the future. Facebook