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Green projects

The Sustainable Sidmouth Champions Awards are looking to highlight both ongoing and new projects which tick several boxes. Under the general rubric of ‘sustainability’ and ‘resilience’, they are about recognising initiatives, “whether it’s saving energy or saving food from getting wasted, whether it’s grow-your-own or do-it-yourself – these are all positive, practical ways to help us sustain ourselves and the planet.” Champions Awards judges keen to hear about green projects – Sustainable Sidmouth Champion Awards

Here’s the latest piece from the Champions Awards website, giving an example of the sort of project which could reduce our carbon footprint and create green community spaces:

A green project for Sidmouth? COMMUNITY ALLEY GARDENING

There are all sorts of inspiring ideas out there for ‘green projects’ – the sort of thing which could be entered for a Sustainable Sidmouth Champions Award 2023.

Radio 4 took us to the back streets of Belfast, to walk through some inspiring urban landscapes:

In recent years, residents of some streets have got together and turned their back entries, as they are often known, into pleasant lanes, festooned with flowers and used for neighbourhood parties and even arts events. Arts consultant Amberlea Neely and architect Aisling Rusk are campaigning for these hidden thoroughfares to become a vital part of Belfast’s green infrastructure – safe play areas and traffic-free walking and cycling routes.

BBC Radio 4 – Open Country, Belfast’s Alleyways and Orchards

Looking at the Social Farms & Gardens website, this is indeed all very inspiring stuff:

Community alley growing | Social Farms & Gardens

Are there any such back alleys and neglected corners in the Sid Valley which could become part of our green infrastructure?

Alleyways Webinar Belfast, NI – YouTube

Journal – 9ft in Common

A green project for Sidmouth? COMMUNITY ALLEY GARDENING – Sustainable Sidmouth Champion Awards