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How prepared are we for climate chaos?

There’s been a bit of a fracas over the climate, as Mark Jenkinson MP hits out at ‘spoilt climate clowns’ – or Just Stop Oil protesters who targeted his office.

Although a piece this week from the London Metro News reporting on a climate change map showing which UK areas could be under water by 2050 leads on these same protests in the capital:

These concerns have been unavoidable for Londoners, as throughout 2023 Just Stop Oil glued themselves to roads and painted sporting events orange to raise awareness of climate change – costing the Met millions. But a map that shows how the UK could look in 2050 has ramped up those concerns – especially in the capital.

So, who exactly are the ‘clowns’?

Certainly someone’s proximity to nature has made them far more aware of the climate, as reported in the weekend Guardian: ‘Dismissing global warming? That was a joke’: Jeremy Clarkson on fury, farming and why he’s a changed man

That’s partly because climate change is heating Europe faster than the rest of the world. – as this photo shows:

Drought-affected areas across Germany and Central Europe are shown in this photo taken from the International Space Station in August 2018. © AFP – ALEXANDER GERST

And in other parts of the world climate change is clearly having an effect – from the incompetent and corrupt Russia where mass floods expose the lack of adaptation, to the deadly floods in Dubai where 85% of people live in flood-prone areas and where such events are made worse by climate change.

‘We are not prepared’ said a US academic recently. And as the UK’s Climate Change Committee said this time last year, climate change has arrived, yet the country is still strikingly unprepared.