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How to stay sane: care, collective action and counterbalance

It is possible to progress from eco-anxiety to eco-action – to go from despair and paralysis to just getting on with it. And it’s especially important to engage youngsters on the issues around the climate and environment – as mental illness is on the increase in young people here in Sidmouth.

So, how can we stay sane in the climate crisis? The Positive News site has come up with a very simple list: 

Feeling anxious in the face of climate breakdown is an entirely normal response – but how do you ensure your emotions don’t overwhelm you? How can they even be channelled for good? As data from Google Trends shows that search queries related to ‘climate anxiety’ have increased dramatically – 27 times higher in the first 10 months of 2023 compared to the same period in 2017 – we’ve pulled together eight tips for building resilience, from reframing the issue to finding your climate community.

Here are just a couple from that list:

Image: Kamaji Ogino

 if you feel anxious and if you care for nature, the more likely you are to take action to safeguard it.

… climate dread expert Britt Wray suggests collective action is even better than going it alone: fostering community resilience builds our emotional fortitude.

… counterbalancing with some solutions, journalism will help stave off the sense of helplessness. Did you know, for example, that booming green energy growth is keeping the 1.5C dream alive? Or that China’s emissions are on the brink of tipping into decline? If you search for evidence that we’re defeated, you’ll find it, points out Rebecca Solnit.