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Is it worthwhile investing in green energy technologies on your home?

From the Vision Group for Sidmouth news pages:

How effective are green home improvements?

“On average green homes sold for more than comparable homes without green technology.”

Is it worthwhile investing in green energy technologies on your home?

Today’s Mail looks at the issues, following on from an experiment run by bank NatWest:

How it can take 17 YEARS for green home improvements to pay off: NatWest spent £190k making nine homes fully energy efficient, here’s the effect

  • Natwest spent an average of £21,171 improving each of the nine homes selected
  • Each household will now save around £1,208 a year on their energy bills 
  • It will take average 17-and-a-half years for improvements to pay for themselves

Homeowners and landlords are endlessly being told that proper insulation and double-glazing can drastically reduce energy bills. And with costs soaring and temperatures plummeting this winter, more and more are considering it. But many homeowners are worried about large upfront costs that run into the thousands of pounds.

Green home improvements: How long until they pay for themselves? | This is Money

And here’s more on the project from NatWest itself:

We’ve teamed up with British Gas and Worcester Bosch to cover the cost of home retrofits for nine of our customers, with co-ordination help from Quidos. We’ll follow our customers through every stage of their retrofit journey – from start to finish – and we’ll share it all with you here.

Greener homes retrofit project | NatWest

To return to the question above:

Is it worthwhile investing in green energy technologies on your home?

This is from a decade ago – and will probably still hold today:

On average these green homes sold for 9% more than comparable homes without green technology. 

Is Green Home Technology Worth the Investment? – Biofriendly Planet | For a Cooler Environment

This is before the current energy crisis – and gives a lot of practical info from professional planners:

Is small-scale renewable energy worth investing in for the average homeowner — The Practical Planning Company

This is a look at a specific technology from the summer – and there is no consensus:

Solar batteries are one way households with solar panels can store excess energy they generate. However, experts are conflicted as to whether the steep upfront cost is cost effective

How cost effective is it to buy solar batteries when installing solar panels at home?

And this is a look this month at the same point made above – that such investments do pay off:

As the revelation that green technologies like heat pumps, solar panels and EV chargers could increase house prices by an average of £10,000 sparks a surge of interest from homeowners, ScottishPower’s Rob McGaughey outlines the options available to get your house ready for the future AND reduce your energy bills.

Home energy: how low-carbon tech like heat pumps or solar panels can help you make huge savings on bills | The Scotsman