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The CAPS social media pages regularly feature pieces from the Climate Action website – a very handy place to go for the latest news on serious, high-level action being taken on climate change:

Our goal is to catalyse innovation and facilitate collaboration to accelerate the transition to a global green economy – to help achieve the aims of the Paris Agreement, align the global economy with the IPCC’s 1.5° report and meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

Based in London, but global in reach, we are an independent organisation that works in formal partnerships with multiple UN Agencies and key stakeholder groups to create and deliver high impact forums, digital content and the platform.

About – Climate Action

So, yes, a very serious outfit – but very interesting too, as their digital content shows.

And the news pieces which they feature don’t pull their punches – for example:

Analysis from Planet Tracker finds that even sustainability funds at the largest asset managers including BlackRock, Vanguard and SSGA are almost always voting against biodiversity proposals…

Investors not waking up to nature loss risk, with majority voting against biodiversity proposals – Planet Tracker

But they also report on the efforts of industry to pull their weight:

The consortium will build an advanced aluminium recycling and manufacturing plant, to establish a new circular-economy supply chain for aluminium. This will keep the recycling of aluminium in the UK and cement the UK’s position as a leader in the adoption of carbon reduction and manufacturing.

Diageo invests in groundbreaking project to create a circular economy for aluminium in UK | Press releases | Diageo plc