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Reaching out on climate issues: bold and practical ways forward

There have been several local news stories over the last couple of days – which show the challenge of looking to a positive, low-carbon future:

Exeter road changes will increase travel times – Radio Exe

Drivers at risk from overgrown verges – Radio Exe

Campaign to save train station ticket office heats up – Radio Exe

Council rules out Co Cars rescue – Radio Exe

What local news stories can be shared – which show the promise of that positive, low-carbon future?

We need to get bold and we need to get practical:

Onward develops bold and practical ideas for the next generation of centre right thinkers and leaders

Onward – Bold And Practical Ideas For The Centre Right

For example:

Getting To Zero – Practical Ways To Decarbonise The Economy

Local Communities Deserve Benefits In Return For Green Infrastructure – Onward

We need effective communication:

With continuing political polarisation around climate change and energy issues, there is an urgent need to reflect the views of centre-right citizens accurately and build communications around their values.

– Avoiding waste is common sense (the most popular narrative)
– Health and quality of life (mixed response)
– Great British Energy (mixed response)
– The Smart Money (the least favoured narrative)

Communicating effectively with the centre-right about household energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies – Climate Outreach