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Rethink climate!

This week Radio 4 is looking at climate in its long-running series ‘Rethink’:

Rethink Climate

Why is there a gap between the pledges made to combat climate change and delivery of a reduction in greenhouse gases? Amol Rajan and guests Rethink Climate Change. BBC Sounds – Rethink, Rethink Climate


In the first programme in this series Amol Rajan and guests examine the pledges that have been made on climate change and how far we have gone towards meeting them. What has worked to reduce greenhouse gasses and what’s not working, including the role of COP. Is the commitment to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees the right one?  BBC Sounds – Rethink, Rethink Climate, Pledges and progress

What personal lifestyle habits are we prepared to give up to stop global warming and who bears responsibility for changing our behaviour? Is it the state or the individual? Amol Rajan discusses why we continue to live the way we do, despite knowing the planet is heating up. Is it ignorance or denial? Perhaps the problems is with the way we talk about climate change. If so, then how does the discourse need to change?  BBC Sounds – Rethink, Rethink Climate, Behaviour and communication

Amol Rajan explores what switching to a green economy may mean for the way we live and work and whether it’s compatible with financial growth. If, for the sake of the planet we need to cut production, consumption and perhaps profit, then how will we pay for the essential services we need in the future? There are some difficult choices to make that sound particularly tough amid a cost-of-living crisis. However, despite all the difficulties, there are those who foresee a cleaner, fairer and more enriching world.  BBC Sounds – Rethink, Rethink Climate, Green economy, money and prosperity