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September is Preparedness Month: #30days30waysUK

Does Sidmouth have a resilience plan?

Does your household have a resilience plan?

30days30waysUK aims to ‘inspire and empower people of all walks of life to build household and community preparedness and resilience in a world increasingly impacted by climate change and a wide range of risks.’

Home – ★30days30waysUK better Emergency Preparedness through Games

‘September is Preparedness Month’ is an evidence-based, structured social media emergency risk communication, education and engagement approach. The aim is to inspire and empower actions towards individual and community emergency preparedness and resilience.

Individuals – ★30days30waysUK better Emergency Preparedness through Games

Household Preparedness

No one is alone in an emergency. The emergency services will respond but they cannot reach everyone right away.

There is a lot you can do to boost your personal safety and preparedness. It is easy and straight forward: plan, prepare, and practise. There are many actions you can take before, during and after an emergency.

Knowing about the hazards and threats that have happened or could happen in your area helps you to plan and prepare. Look online for your local community risk register or via your local council’s emergency planning team and Local Resilience Forum.

Community Risk Register

It is important that you make your own emergency preparedness plan and create a support network of family, friends, neighbours and further afield.

Discuss and practise your plan with them. Make sure they have access to spare keys, know where you keep your emergency supplies and how to use lifesaving equipment and administer first aid.

You also need a so called ‘grab bag’ for safe evacuation. If you have pets or service animals, prepare an emergency kit for them too. Not all shelters accept animals so plan for alternatives. During #30days30waysUK September is Preparedness Month look out for our special day on preparedness with pets.