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The Future Earth newsletter

Not to be confused with the monthly CAPS newsletter:

Newsletters – Climate Awareness Partnership Sidmouth

The BBC has just launched its own weekly climate newsletter:

The Future Earth newsletter – written by BBC News Correspondent Carl Nasman – will bring you the essential climate news and impactful developments every Tuesday.

Our changing planet is one of the biggest stories of our time. The scale of this challenge calls for groundbreaking solutions.

Covering climate change and sustainability is a key part of my job as a correspondent for BBC News. Now, there is a newsletter that will bring my journalism on the subject direct to you. The Future Earth newsletter will bring you essential news, honest conversations and the most promising developments in tackling climate change. The weekly email, available to readers outside the UK, will land in your inbox every Tuesday.

Shining a light on untold stories and promising innovations, it aims to be your trusted guide to how our changing planet is impacting everything from our weather to your finances. And you’ll get to glimpse behind the scenes too, with extra insights on my reporting for BBC News. 

I will bring you a curated selection of in-depth feature articles, videos and news from across the BBC to guide you through everything you need to know about the climate challenge and sustainable solutions. I’ll also be highlighting inspiring BBC Earth content that showcases the wonders of our incredible planet.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the scale of the challenges of our changing world. With this newsletter I aim to bring you the insights, solutions and inspiration to stay up-to-date about not just the problem, but the answers too.

For a new way to keep up to date on the climate, sign up for the Future Earth newsletter here.

Introducing the Future Earth newsletter: Get the latest climate solutions delivered to your inbox – BBC Future

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