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The home carbon calculator

The CAPS project has been encouraging Sidmouth residents and visitors to complete the online carbon footprint calculator from Carbon Savvy – through the town council’s website, as it also leads to a request for further engagement and an interview.

If you haven’t already, give it a go!

Climate Awareness Partnership Sidmouth – Carbon Calculator – Sidmouth Town Council

There are lots of other such calculators available – and after some research, the CAPS team went for the Carbon Savvy one.

If you’re looking for some more specific information about the impact of what we do around the home – and the savings we could make – here’s a good place to try:

Home Carbon Calculator

The biggest carbon savings start at home. Our interactive tool shows the difference the average household can make.

… and it calculates the potential CO2 savings through the following actions:

  • Improving home energy efficiency
  • Transitioning to renewable energy sources
  • Making environmentally conscious lifestyle choices

Home Carbon Calculator | Nu-Heat Underfloor & Renewables