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To offset or not to offset?

A posting yesterday suggested that we need to be protecting our current stock of trees as much as planting new ones – if we’re serious about offsetting our carbon emissions:

Should we be planting thousands of trees? – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Or as said a couple of years ago, it’s “not just planting new trees – but protecting existing forests”

Carbon offsetting and carbon credits – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Besides, there’s not only a lot of greenwashing going on when it comes to ‘offsetting’ – but there’s also the big question of whether this action is actually just a huge and dangerous diversion from actually reducing our emissions:

“There is no such thing as zero carbon or even ‘net’ zero.” – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Nevertheless, it is clear that offsetting does have a role to play – as today’s piece from Carbon Savvy points out:

To offset or not to offset?

[Mangrove plantations are coastal ecosystems that hold phenomenal amounts of carbon and mature rapidly. Image courtesy of: Yale Environment Review]

Offsetting is controversial – but if we don’t offset will we lose the baby with the bathwater? We look at the what, why and how of this aspect of CO2 reductions, and how individuals and organisations can engage.

To offset or not to offset?.