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Home » Blog » “Unless people change their behaviors, we won’t hit 2050 net zero emissions targets.”

“Unless people change their behaviors, we won’t hit 2050 net zero emissions targets.”

There’s a lot that isn’t right about ‘green energy’: What do we do with old wind-turbine blades? – Vision Group for Sidmouth 

There are alternatives, though: Wind power: the future – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Besides, we need to be realistic:

“It’s more realistic, say experts, to accept that we will never have a source of energy that is 100 per cent green.” (TOM LEONARD: Graveyard of the green giants | Daily Mail Online) The hidden costs of alternative energy technologies – Vision Group for Sidmouth

In particular there is concern about over-reliance on dubiously-sourced raw materials for batteries: Cobalt in your car battery: the ethics of mining minerals – Vision Group for Sidmouth

There are alternatives, though:

Source your raw materials locally: New plans for Cornish Lithium – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Don’t buy a new car: Measuring carbon footprints: old bangers vs new electric cars – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Stop driving altogether: “I hate cars” – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Ride and Drive EVs Plug’n Drive Ontario.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

But if you must buy a car, the bottom line is that EVs still cause less environmental damage than petrol or diesel engine cars when you measure their emissions over their lifetime.” [Michael Day, i-news] How ‘green’ are electric vehicles? – Vision Group for Sidmouth

So, there is nothing ‘secret’ about all of this, despite what some climate change sceptics might say:

Green activists’ obsession with EVs perpetuates the injustice they ostensibly want to abolish. Green Energy Has a Dirty Secret – Foundation for Economic Education

Especially when this drive to drive EVs is coming from the automotive industry and government – even in these parts: Tata set to pick Somerset for new electric car battery plant, reports say | The Independent

Besides, it’s not about EVs or even about ‘green energy’ – as these are not really going to ‘save us’:

Unless people change their behaviors, we won’t hit 2050 net zero emissions targets  Why EVs Aren’t a Climate Change Panacea – IEEE Spectrum

Electric cars might look great in your driveway, but they’re a symbol of a systemic problem: an ineffective, car-based approach to addressing transportation’s climate impacts. Electric Cars Won’t Solve Climate Change | Planetizen Blogs