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What exceeding 1.5c could mean

There was big news this week on the climate:

Our overheating world is likely to break a key temperature limit for the first time over the next few years, scientists predict. Global warming set to break key 1.5C limit for first time – BBC News

Global warming likely to exceed 1.5C within five years, says weather agency | Financial Times

What has followed over the last 48 hours have been a host of stories with different takes on what this means.

For example:

Dry, impermeable ground means heavy rains are unlikely to help northern Italy after two years of drought. Italy’s deadly floods are yet another example of climate change extremes, experts say | Euronews 

Climate change will endanger financial security, our personal health, and the planet we love living on. Real solutions will only come from governments that require equal participation and collaboration between all  Climate change is hurting the environment — but it will hurt your wallet, too | Euronews

Fungal pathogens have long affected humans, but the threat they pose is increasing due to global warming  Climate change helps dangerous fungi to better ‘infect and invade’ humans, experts warn

As the film Don’t Look Up captures, when people are faced with constant frightening news about the climate, they find it too difficult to grapple with what might happen in the future. The danger of prediction fatigue as the consequences of climate change become clearer | Climate News | Sky News

The clock is ticking to restore our relationship with nature to one that is mutually beneficial, not detrimental to our existence  Is climate change causing a resurgence in infectious diseases?

In Water Saving Week, Minister for Climate Change Julie James is appealing to everyone in Wales to be conscious of their water use as we approach summer. Minister for Climate Change asks Wales to be ‘water aware’ as Drought Liaison Group prepares for summer | GOV.WALES

A multi-billion dollar reparations scheme has been proposed for fossil fuel companies to atone for the damage caused by their greenhouse gas emissions  Study: Fossil fuel firms owe $209bn a year for climate damage

The world is not a stable place. Conflicts, both civil and international, as well as deglobalisation and the looming threat of climate change, are just some of the things that have the potential to radically disrupt the food system. Military conflict, deglobalisation and climate change – The future of feeding the world

Shell and Glencore are braced for gruelling annual meetings next week as they struggle to balance pressure to drive profits alongside calls to tackle the climate crisis more vigorously. Glencore and Shell facing green backlash | This is Money